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Wood windows to meet the environmental protection needs to become the new darling of the consumers

Date:2012/7/23                                                        Views1498

Increasing emphasis on the human household quality of life, its products and technologies must be replaced to keep pace with the requirements of the sustainable development of China. Budget, according to the relevant sector, the area of ​​windows and doors account for about 20 percent of the construction area, building the external structure of energy consumption nearly 1/2 of the loss of the doors and windows, if you control the energy consumption of the doors and windows, the external structure of the loss will be able to reduce 50%. According to incomplete statistics, reaching around the building energy efficiency design standards for energy-efficient doors and windows market share, has accounted for 50% of the entire door and window market. In the past two years, driven by the building energy efficiency policies, wood windows, aluminum wood composite windows and doors have gradually become the new darling of the consumers.

China's building energy consumption accounts for more than 30% of the country's energy consumption, building houses in urban and rural areas an annual rate of more than 20 percent, the national existing buildings to 40 billion square meters, completed in an area of ​​2 billion square meters, of which more than 95% high energy consumers.

In view of the current solid wood doors, solid wood composite door business, there are low barriers to entry, the chaotic status quo of the vicious competition of the production of wood windows, aluminum wood composite windows and doors of this high-end enterprise one of the few, far from being able to meet consumer needs. To this end, the Jilin Xin Long Island Door put the sights on the high-end consumer market.

In order to achieve high-quality, high-volume production capacity, the company invested 50 million yuan to the introduction of Germany's "power" (Unicontrol 6) new wood windows machining center, the "power" (Unimat) moulders and group box machine, pressing machine, engraving machine, Corner machine, sander, etc.; Parker aluminum aluminum windows production line and match letter insulating glass production line and advanced German technology and processing technology to the production pipeline, the comprehensive production capacity of more than 150,000 square meters / year .

Second, the company integrated timber management and control of raw materials is also very strict. Through the continuous screening of the national integrated timber suppliers, the final choice of an enterprise in Harbin City. Its price is expensive, but clear and natural textures by means the access, splicing to put an end to mutual stress of the wood caused by the deformation, and the drying de-worming, along with corrosion resistance; timber resurgence of more than six months of dry timber to ensure its strength properties. Wood connection tenon connection with the Code nail to connect a combination of tight, will not crack. Improve timber utilization rate at the same time, reduce losses and production costs.

In addition, the product process requirements of the paint spray is also very high. Companies to use the spray equipment is clean positive pressure paint room, uniform and clear coating film, the entire window to reflect the elegant, beautiful atmosphere, perceptions of quality. Optional hardware accessories, and all preferred the German import Noto hardware, sophisticated production techniques, excellent product quality assurance the Xinlong should be doors and windows open flexible.

According to the company's chairman Zhao long, European-style wooden windows with traditional wooden windows in the production and use are very different. European style wooden windows using laminated or fight Lumber as a basic raw material, processed into a variety of structural forms, with a dedicated hardware structure, the insulating glass by water-based paint handling, in all respects a great advantage over traditional wooden windows. Its shape and stability, not deformed; good airtight, soundproof, every wet and insulating properties; decorative performance and visual effects, weather resistance and durability; form of the wooden structure open and diverse, to meet the requirements of different consumers.

Turning to the future development of the Zhao Dong said that 2009 will strive to achieve 80,000 square meters of wooden windows production, solid wood doors 20000 Tang, the sales income of 140 million yuan, profit after tax of 28 million yuan; terminal building will be in the market carry out effective work to increase advertising efforts to the marketing efforts; to carry out high-quality new product development and promotional efforts, to further improve the service system, and enhance the cohesion of enterprise culture.

Only with strong, practical to move forward, we will be able to successfully complete the goal.

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