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Experts on the doors and windows to the Raiders six elements

Date:2012/7/23                                                        Views1759

Good windows and doors, home safety threshold. The doors and windows how to buy has been a lot of owners to ask the question. How to choose their own doors and windows? Xiaobian for you to offer classic and practical doors and windows Raiders hope to bring you help.

First, the use of materials
Doors and windows of the main timber generally includes three aspects: aluminum, glass, metal pieces, the owners when purchasing products, often pay more attention to the thickness of the aluminum and glass, the hardware is not very high, this is not a comprehensive . In fact, state the color of aluminum windows have a certain standard. Quality color aluminum windows, aluminum, and its thickness, strength, and the oxide film can usually be consistent with national standards, such as the national requirements: color aluminum windows, aluminum wall thickness should be not less than 1.2mm, the oxide film thickness of 10 microns. While the tempered glass is better than ordinary glass doors and windows security and durability considerations, stainless steel metal accessories (such as screws, hinges, etc.) than the aluminum accessories, while the pulley is the best choice for POM material, because Such products have higher strength and wear resistance, the use of the process smooth, not bad. You know, the doors and windows damaged usually from doors and windows accessories.

Second, the processing
With good use of materials, the next step is doors and windows processing. Doors and windows of the technical content is not high, degree of mechanization is not high, most of depends on the installation manual workers, which requires the operator to have a good awareness of product quality. Strengthen the operator's proficiency and product awareness is very important in the production process. The color quality aluminum windows, fine processing, tangent smooth, consistent point of view (the main box material under normal circumstances is 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there should not be more obvious gaps in the stitching process, good sealing performance, smooth switch. If processing failed, there will be sealed nature, not only air leakage leaking, but strong winds and large external forces, the glass will appear to burst off phenomenon, caused to the owners of property loss and even wounding.

Third, the appearance
Owners to buy windows and doors products usually pay attention to the appearance of the product and glass decorative patterns, and often underestimate the doors and windows of the surface of the composite membrane, this composite film is coloring the formation of the artificial oxide film, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss degrees, also the fire, so the purchase of aluminum alloy door and window products to compare similar products. In glass process varies from person to person, and the choice of different owners according to their preferences.

Fourth, the price
The level of doors and windows of the level of prices of aluminum ingot price has a direct correlation, but in general the price in a given period doors and windows performance is relatively stable under normal circumstances, the price of high-quality windows and doors than the low-quality windows and doors products 30% poor quality windows and doors usually contains large amounts of impurities in recycled aluminum extrusion, aluminum, aluminum used in some of the wall thickness of only 0.6-0.8 mm from the tensile strength and yield the degree is much lower than the relevant provisions of the State, such doors and windows very safe, owners buy products do not plan to temporary cheap but have neglected their own and others' personal safety.

Five performance
Doors and windows performance due to the use of different scope and focus are also different, but usually to take into account the following aspects: intensity, which is mainly reflected in the choice of materials for doors and windows profiles, whether he can withstand ultra-high pressure; tightness is mainly reflected doors and windows of the structure, doors and windows within the fan frame structure is tight and is close doors and windows.

Six, the credibility of
In the choice should also pay attention to the business reputation and quality of service, this is also very important!

Here we can to examine three aspects:

Try to choose the brand reputable manufacturers, China Timber Distribution Association Wooden Door Commission, a wooden door industry conference held in Beijing, Chinese wooden doors 30 corporate member of the General Assembly selected through a rigorous research study. These manufacturers in the scale on the product quality and service system specification.
2, the control looks for manufacturers qualification relevant industry standards are complete and true.
Note 3, prior to installation by looking at the door lock hole parts of the material within the final gatekeeper. We can not go to the factory to see how to do it, and only consider the well-known letter benefits of a good brand in order to secure. We believe that a price of a cargo is justified.
In addition to the touch feel. As for the craftsmanship and quality of the product, we are less likely to go to the manufacturers to stare at to see how he processed only through the simple means of the appearance inspection to assess the quality of the product process. Here to teach you two things: feel with their hands and side light to see. Hand stroked the door frame, panel, corner, requiring no scratch, soft and delicate, and then standing on the side of the door welcoming look at the paint surface of the door bump wave. Basically rely on these two can work eligibility.

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